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Ticket Information
tickets reservation policy  

  • Tickets to BRT events can be purchased ahead, reserved by phone or purchased at the door when still available. At this time, tickets can be purchased with either cash or by personal check payable to: Blackstone River Theatre ONLY. We do not currently accept credit card orders.

  • To simplify our accounting, please write a separate check for each event you wish to attend; please do NOT write one check for multiple shows!

  • We generally request pre-payment if the ticket price is $15 or more (or if you want to take advantage of an "advance purchase" price.) We do NOT deposit any checks until the weekend of the actual event (in case of weather cancellation etc.) so if you do not see the check marked as paid on your statement, that is why

  • Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount for future use. If a gift certificate is not used for the full amount, another gift certificate for the balance will be issued; cash will not be returned to make up for the difference.

  • One of the ways BRT keeps ticket prices down is by NOT printing actual tickets or mailing tickets to you that are bought in advance. If you are pre-paying for a concert, simply put the concert name on the memo line of the check. When you arrive for the concert, give your name at the front desk and you will already be marked down as pre-paid and will be directed right into the main hall.

  • BRT offers general admission, first-come, first-served seating. Buying tickets in advance (or reserving tickets by phone) guarantees you A SEAT, but does NOT guarantee a particular seat or seats together if you are in a large group or are meeting friends. Doors open 30 minutes before each concert event. For best choice of seating, we recommend you arrive as early as possible within that 30-minute time frame.

  • We will not open doors to the main hall until 30 minutes before show time and there is limited space to wait before the doors open; please plan accordingly as BRT volunteers need to finish pre-show tasks and a soundcheck must be completed before doors can open.

  • Children's Tickets: For children accompanied by an adult, tickets may be purchased at the door for half the ticket sale price. "Children" are considered to be 14 and under and we ask that they be just as attentive to the music as you are.

  • Blackstone River Theatre WILL NOT REFUND PRE-PAID TICKETS FOR ANY REASON. A gift certificate may be offered at the discretion of management if you must cancel purchased tickets and you let BRT know BEFORE the day of the event that you cannot attend. BRT asks that you please call us at (401) 725-9272 AS SOON AS YOU KNOW so we can release the tickets and seats to the general public and not get caught with unanticipated seats that could have been sold.
NOTE: If Blackstone River Theatre cancels an event, prepurchased tickets WILL be refunded. However, if a BRT event is NOT cancelled and YOU are unable to attend an event due to inclement weather etc., no refunds will be issued... please understand that if a performer shows up to play, BRT still has to pay THEM even if YOU were unable to attend!

See Reservation Policy for more information.

Reservation Policy

Though reservations are not NECESSARY, it is very helpful if you call ahead so that we can accurately plan our seating, volunteer staff and concession needs. There have also been an increasing number of sold out shows where folks have been turned away so it is in your best interest!

To make reservations, please call (401) 725-9272 and leave your name, number of tickets desired for which show, and a phone number where we can actually get in touch with you! PLEASE SPEAK CLEARLY AND SLOWLY WHEN LEAVING A MESSAGE and please LEAVE YOUR HOME OR CELL PHONE NUMBER SO WE CAN ACTUALLY GET IN TOUCH! If you are unable to attend a show you made reservations for, PLEASE call us back so we can release the tickets to the general public.

Doors will not open until 30 minutes before each event as we finish set-up and soundcheck for the performer. Actual seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. By reserving a ticket, A SEAT is guaranteed, but we suggest you arrive as early as possible within that 30-minute time frame for a particular seat or to ensure seats together for larger groups.

As of November, 2002, tickets reserved by phone (but not yet paid for) will be held until FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE show time, then released to the general public. IF YOU WANT TO BE GUARANTEED A SEAT AND THINK YOU MAY BE LATER THAN THAT, WE ASK THAT YOU PRE-PAY IN ADVANCE and ALSO LET US KNOW YOU WILL BE LATE.